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We represent your interests and drive a competitive market for you.



Our 30+ years of experience and industry-leading investment in systems save you time and money.


Our compensation is fully-disclosed in advance – and guaranteed.



We have access to more insurance carriers, resulting in the most competitive market possible.


Our advice is realistic, practical and most importantly, unbiased.

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Banks ranging from the world’s largest financial institutions to mid-sized banks struggle to find truly objective BOLI Advisory, Administration and Pre-Purchase Services.  For 30 years they have been turning to MB Schoen & Associates.  Why?  They’re able to leverage our investment in the systems and people needed to exceed regulatory guidelines.  More importantly, the most discerning institutions – including two of the top ten U.S. Banks – have chosen us to fulfill their exacting standards.

We are the ONLY provider that has:

Better Outcomes

Our expertise and objective RFP process saves you money and helps you avoid costly pitfalls, such as unwarranted COI increases.

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Save Time

We are a SOC I, Type 2 and SOC 2, Type 1 audited administrator. Two of the top ten U.S. banks leverage us as a key resource.

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Elevate Governance

We can help you look forward to your next BOLI regulatory examination.

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