White Papers, Articles, Studies & Reports

We have authored and co-authored several white papers and articles on BOLI-related issues ranging from counterparty exposures to policy structures to excessive COI and lapse risk. Our key people have also founded affiliated ventures that develop innovative solutions for the BOLI market, disability insurance products (employer-sponsored and voluntary designs), and various structures that can be used to efficiently shift risk from underlying financial transactions.

Vendor Selection and Management

Selecting the right company to assist you with the purchase and/or management of your life insurance program is extremely important. Finding an experienced, client-centric vendor that works for you – not the insurance company – can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful program.

Regulatory Comment Letters

Because we stay apprised of regulatory developments and are widely recognized as experts within the BOLI industry, we have felt compelled to submit comment letters on proposed regulations with direct impact on BOLI. We believe it is in the best interest of our clients, and the BOLI industry in general, to speak our voice to improve the regulatory and reporting environment for BOLI when appropriate.

BOLI Industry Developments Publication

Finding relevant information about the BOLI/COLI market or topics can be frustrating and sporadic. Certainly, there’s no shortage of information (and phone calls) about products and offerings, but what about the landscape of the industry and its risks?

Here you’ll find complimentary versions* of our BOLI Developments and Trends quarterly publication – an in-depth look at the market including ownership by asset size, transactions, and what types of investments banks are allocating to in their separate accounts. Beyond the industry analytics, there are counterparty strength ratings and a robust description of updates specifically impactful to BOLI owners or programs.

*Complimentary versions become available on a 1-year lag from the most up-to-date information. Current versions are available via subscription.

BOLI Industry Analytics and Allocations Studies

To which investment strategies are Separate Account BOLI owners allocating? As the economic landscape changes, will owners reallocate? Our ongoing study sorts SA portfolio allocations into 8 sector types and analyzes how the weights have changed over time. The studies also include metrics and breakdowns on passive vs active management, risk-weight estimates, and proxy returns for the SA BOLI industry. The report is updated each quarter.

BOLI – The Basics: An Overview of Bank Owned Life Insurance

For anyone contemplating a BOLI purchase, new to BOLI program oversight, or simply looking for a refresher, our Overview of Bank Owned Life Insurance provides a solid foundation on numerous aspects of BOLI, including policy structures, operational characteristics and risk weighting. Contact us today to schedule an educational session.